Our Process


If we want great results that we can all be proud of, we need to know how to get there. Our proven process that we have refined over the years helps us tackle all types and sizes of projects. We are adaptive to the requirements of every project and our process helps us build a strong foundation that lead to more successful results. We apply process components to all projects that can range from audience profiling, web development to brand strategy and implementation. A disciplined methodology that assumes change and iterations as part of the process, helps us produce successful projects.

DesignStamp Process


Our focus is to find the answer to two questions. Who is your target audience? What are your business requirements for the project? Once we can articulate the driving audience and business goals for the project, we can find focus for the work ahead. 

The discovery stage is an essential kick off phase for all our 'build projects' (e.g. web site development). We have also been hired to help organizations define their requirements and solely focus on the Discovery phase. 

Key Activities:

Strategy, Monetization Best Practices, User & Market Research, Creative Direction & Recommendations, Technical Research & Recommendations, Content & Messaging Strategy, Usability Evaluation, Content & Messaging Strategy



The Design phase connects the strategy defined from the Discovery phase to elegant design solutions. We define the information architecture (how the user finds what they are looking for) and interaction design (how the user navigates and what accelerators can we provide to ease their work). We use proven techniques, to predict how users will interact with the product and ensure that all possibilities are planned for and intended. This helps us correct mistakes and assumptions before they creep into the more expensive production phase. We then use the power of good visual design to connect the user to your brand, and create impactful experiences. Our technical work also continues during this phase, to define system requirements that will produce the desired results. 

Key Activities:

Information Architecture, Interaction Design, User Experience, User Flows and Stories, Database Design, Visual Branding and Identity Design, Art Direction



We are technology agnostic. What that means is that we don't apply our skills to build to any one platform. Our interactive projects have ranged from robust open source content management systems, to working with proprietary closed platforms. Our clients come with varying levels of technical knowledge and can be as involved as they would like to be, in the technical decision making process. We have built change management into our development process, so the project that be built to meet the business requirements effectively. In the spirit of agile design and development, we work iteratively and show our work early and often. We continually encourage 'kicking the tires' so we are not relying on a heavy Quality Assurance phase and can fix things as we build. 

Key Activities

Content Management Development, Front-End development, Back-End Development, Deployment




A project is only successful if it engages the people it is intended for. We help our clients develop a comprehensive marketing and monitoring strategy to help them reach their target audience and measure success. As people band together in online communities, brands must meet their customer where they are. Social media is not a passing trend, it's a reality. We help our clients tap into the power of the social web. Effective social campaigns can exponentially increase brand awareness and engagement. We also work with clients to plan future growth and create enhanced functionality to better meet how people are using the freshly launched project.


Key Activities

Launch Management, Success Metrics, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising, Iteration Planning


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