Information Architecture

Whether we are building a website for a small business, or a complex application for a large corporation logical categorization of information into a coherent structure is the foundation for success. Armed with knowledge of domain-specific vocabulary, we can name things that would make sense to users, and put things where they would expect to find them.

The unique maternity care program's approach to personal care is mirrored by the new website and sophisticated communication tools. 

We created a community and conference site for CONNECT, inspiring tech startups to create their strategy for success. 

Helping people cook better. We designed a complete brand, user experience, website and e-learning platform for Rouxbe.

As a technology solutions provider to large telecom companies, IP Applications offered a variety of complex services and products to their customers. We helped IP Applications simplify their story and focus their brand promise.

We designed a better user experience and visual design for BC's one-stop resource for investor education.

We designed an intuitive, flexible web data application that allows users to find statistics on aid-flow at a global level.

We created a fresh, exciting look for the definitive travel magazine for everything British Columbia.

We designed a refined web experience for this technology provider's customers.

From email campaigns to helping bring an elegant restaurant experience online, we work with the Marriott hotels to connect with their customer.