Featured Work

Here is a cross-selection of our work. Our work has spanned multiple subject matters, mediums and audiences. Our refined process enables us to create effective work.

The unique maternity care program's approach to personal care is mirrored by the new website and sophisticated communication tools. 

We worked with Central 1 to create an iPhone banking app. Credit Union members across BC now have a quick, easy way to do their banking on the go.

Helping people cook better. We designed a complete brand, user experience, website and e-learning platform for Rouxbe.

We helped EQO achieve visual brand consistency from web, to mobile application.

We helped the regional government articulate their organizational and technical goals and discover the possibilities of a more functional and useful website.

We helped the UBC Learning Exchange expand it's online presence and clearly articulate it's mission to show what universities can do when they engage in authentic partnerships within the wider community.

We helped envision an 360º strategy and community driven website to help youth quit smoking. 

We designed an intuitive, flexible web data application that allows users to find statistics on aid-flow at a global level.

We have helped a prominent group of investment advisors at Canaccord Capital showcase their personal wealth and investment management services.


We helped EQO redesign their website and effectively communicate to a younger demographic.

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