We are curious to learn and contribute a fresh perspective. We are inspired by hard working people who love what they do. These people help us do our best work.

We want to work with people who:

  • Are ethical
  • Love what they do and care deeply for their work
  • Are on a path of continuous learning. They love to teach what they know.
  • Don’t settle for status quo. They push themselves and others to do their best work
  • Have respect for themselves and the people they work with
  • Explore, respect and celebrate differences (physical, philosophical, metaphysical etc)
  • Acknowledge that behind every great product stands not one individual, but a team of dedicated people.
  • Act as passionate advocates for their customers and are grateful to have them
  • Are funny, irreverent and can laugh freely
  • Celebrate the small wins, and toast the big ones
  • Are looking to leave the world a better place than they found it

Is this the complete list? We aren't sure. And that's OK!