We are a small UX collective that does big work.

Design helps companies innovate faster and reduce ambiguity for the future. Since 2001 we have partnered with our clients to help them imagine a better world. We have domain experience in global health, finance, international development and education.

We focus on business analysis, user research and beautiful visual design. We connect our clients to their customers. No matter the platform — watch, phone, tablet or desktop. No matter the medium — apps, websites or videos. We know that carefully designed experiences can improve the world we live in.

Our Principles

We respect our clients

We love to learn from those who know best. Our client knows their business better than anyone, and they are the best person to teach us about it. We will understand their objectives and ensure that what we create, works towards those objectives. It is our responsibility to demonstrate domain expertise so our clients can be confident in allowing us to partner with them on the project. It is also our responsibility to solicit and define measurable success metrics that are important to our clients and their business.

We respect our work

We must continually refine our process so we can objectively gauge and stand behind the quality of our work. It is our responsibility to not talk techo-babble and share our knowledge, process and work to help others elevate the practise of user-centric design. We should never compromise on the quality, content and integrity of the product. As design experts, we bring relevant experience and professionalism to our work that increases its value. (psst, here is our work)

We respect ourselves

We deserve to be treated with the same respect that we afford our clients and partners. We will not under-sell or cheapen our craft by our practices. We are an active part of the design community and make time to give back and contribute to the local and global design community. We are a diverse team in terms of our skill-set, backgrounds and specialties. We protect this diversity and value each other's contribution to each project. ❤️

Our Process


Our focus is to find the answer to two questions. Who is your target audience? What are your business requirements for the project? Once we can articulate the driving audience and business goals for the project, it helps focus the work ahead.

The Discovery stage is an essential kick off phase for all our 'build projects'. We have also worked with several clients with the sole objective of helping them define their business requirements and a path forward.


The Design phase connects the strategy defined from the Discovery phase to elegant design solutions. From back-of-the-napkin sketches, to high fidelity wireframes and visual mockups, we work out numerous possibilities and assumptions. This helps us distill ideas into a refined, thoughtful visual solution.


We are technology agnostic, build on many platforms and favour open-source. We follow an agile methodology and show our work early and often. We encourage 'kicking the tires' as we build so we are not relying on a heavy testing phase and can fix things as we build. We want people to access our work wherever they may be. From a doctor in a low-bandwidth setting in Malawi to a busy business owner on her phone, we build projects that work as planned.