How can a publicly accountable authority provide a more customer centric website?


LTSA is responsible for providing reliable land title and survey systems to B.C. The systems are an essential foundation to economic and social prosperity for our province and used on a daily basis by lawyers, notaries, government and real estate professionals.

We have worked with the LTSA since 2013, helping them meet customer needs by enhancing digital services and improving their various applications to provide access to land title records via enterprise accounts.

We built LTSA’s corporate website, and their myLTSA and Help portals. The corporate site functions as both an informational website and provides access to frequently updated technical documents such as guides, publications and manuals. We have built a complete document repository making it easy for LTSA staff to update the website and maintain version history.

myLTSA and Help portals are vital tools for enterprise customers and we are working continually with LTSA to make the user experience as smooth and painless as possible. Ongoing consultation with key users helps us advocate for features that help LTSA enterprise customers get their job done faster and more efficiently.

Services Provided

  • User Experience Design
  • Audience Research
  • Art Direction
  • Front-end Development

See It Live

The corporate site is designed to provide quick access to the breadth and depth of LTSA services for both professionals and general public.
The LTSA website is designed to be highly readable and usable. For desktop or mobile.
The website balances providing customers with useful information and resources while directing general public to land and title professionals who can assist with specific requests.