What aid is being provided to developing countries around the world?


The OECD is one of the world’s largest and most reliable sources of comparable statistics, and economic and social data.

We worked with our technical partner 2Paths to deliver an application that provides the user with one-button access to rich data about aid-flows between the reporting countries. We simplified the task by shielding the user from the complexity of the data structure behind the application, and yet providing the expert user with ways to fine-tune the report and it's layout.

We travelled to Paris to work with the OECD to workshop a tool that would provide visitors with comprehensive data on aid work and funding for over 150 developing countries. We created a global research plan to ensure that we had a deep understanding of people's data needs so we could design a tool that worked for them. The audience research helped scope the project and bring focus to the most important workflows that needed to be supported.

Services Provided

  • Audience Research
  • Business Analysis
  • User Experience Design
We conducted over 50 interviews with academics, journalists and other audiences around the world. We created a robust set of personae that were used to define the scope of the project.
I managed an initiative for a large private foundation that aimed at improving access to the OECD's extensive data sets. The effort was complex both technically (providing users with one-button access to rich data about aid-flows between the reporting countries) and logistically (with stakeholders located in Vancouver, Seattle and Paris, and active users around the world). DesignStamp was responsible for user research, business requirements gathering and designing an application that would meet user needs while also complying to complex data rules. DesignStamp was a pleasure to work with, methodical in their ability to conduct user interviews with professors, students and aid recipient organizations around the world. Also I appreciated their skills in diplomatically working with international stakeholders, extracting objective business requirements and helping drive project vision. Their interaction and visual design skills helped us deliver a project that has been immensely successful. I would highly recommend DesignStamp as a partner in any interactive project and hope to work with them again in the future.
Ganga Subramanian, Senior Associate Point B Inc (Project Manager for the OECD project)
The tool is an important step to improving transparency around how rich countries support developing countries. Bill Gates pointed out our tool as a valuable resource in his 2010 annual letter.